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The food industry is being significantly impacted by strong, long-term sustainability trends, as the demand is radically
shifting towards more natural and healthier products.
Nactarome, supports its customers in the substitution of synthetic flavours or colours by focussing on raw materials from natural origins and from renewable sources in order to create natural and sustainable final products.
The R&D divisions provide innovative and creative solutions to meet every kind of requirement, helping customers to stand out in a competitive, increasingly demanding and complex market, with unique and certified products.


Taste is one of most important criteria guiding customers’ choices when buying food products and drinks. Flavours are complex assemblies of aromatic raw materials that bring finished products a specific and unforgettable signature.

These exclusive components are at the heart of Nactarome’s expertise thanks to the historic know-how and cutting-edge technology of the companies which are part of the Group. Our flavour experts design every day unique sweet and savoury tastes to make your daily life products unique, tastier and healthier. With unlimited creativity and an orientation toward natural raw materials and extracts, our wide range is the perfect match to the expectations and specific constraints of any customers.


Colours play a fundamental role in offering to the consumer a fresh and captivating image of the finished product.

Nactarome’s commitment is not only to enhance the beauty, but to reinvent something extraordinary in cooperation with customers. Nactarome, with its brand Fiorio Colori, is the only European manufacturer offering a complete range of natural colours, clean label colours and synthetic food grade dyes, lakes and pigments. The R&D team offers solutions with stable and attractive shades in order to respond to an increasingly growing demand of the industry. The production is targeting high purity levels, which is guaranteed by accurate and certified testing processes throughout the entire production cycle, a cutting-edge technology and advanced control system. R&D supports the customer to choose the best solution developed for different specific applications.


Nactarome has a large and diversified portfolio of high-quality functional ingredients designed to simplify and characterize high quality finished products.

Thanks to the young and dynamic R&D team formed by high-level professionals, the Group is able to offer to its customers, of all market channels, tailor made solutions in which ingredients are not only ''commodities'' but crucial elements in the recipe. Nactarome is constantly investing in new technologies and innovations, respecting the natural contest and environment, striving always to be competitive and at the forefront, by quality of the offer and excellent service.

Naturally tasty, attractive & healthy food solutions.

Nactarome strongly believes in continuing investing in new technologies and innovations, always respecting the natural contest and environment, to always be competitive and at the forefront, both for the quality of the offer and for the positioning of the price.

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