Inspired by nature

Nactarome is a fast-growing, Europe-based group of companies creating and manufacturing high quality natural taste and colour solutions for specialty products enabling customers to win consumers in the moments of truth: when they see, smell, and taste.

Sustainability for the future

At Nactarome, we believe that everything is connected: what we do has an impact on our planet, from the surrounding environment to the communities we operate in, and on our future and the generations to come.

Powered by Nactarome

Our true understanding of local tastes and trends combined with technical creativity and market-driven innovation support us in delivering sustainable, natural, consumer-preferred taste solutions.

Our FiorioColori brand offers over a century of heritage and expertise creating, manufacturing, and distributing colour solutions for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and non-food applications.

Our diversified and fully customisable portfolio of texture and functional ingredient solutions is designed to simplify, enhance, and characterise your consumers’ final taste experience.

Blending core

Moments of truth


We eat with our eyes, long before we bring the food to our mouth: this is why colour is a fundamental component in all consumption choices.


Smell is such a powerful sense! It helps us detect hazard and recognise familiar ingredients, but most of all it triggers our memory and emotions and complements our taste experience.


As tradition says, the proof is in the pudding: taste and texture are key factors in our product experience and will ultimately determine whether we will love it and chose it again, or not.


Our dedicated Marketing and Consumer Insights Team supports us in understanding consumers’ changing tastes and expectations, predicting future flavour trends, as well as forecasting ingredient development and innovations, to deliver your tomorrow winning products, today.

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